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Experience pain free, spa-like dental cleaning with Guided Biofilm Therapy: based on 4 decades of clinical research, technology, and customer satisfaction. Probably the best dental experience ever!

What is Guided Biofilm Therapy

The 8-steps that
make the full GBT experience

Step 1

Oral health check

A full oral health assessment screens for gum disease risks to enable early detection and prevention

Step 2

Making biofilm visible

An organic dye highlights biofilm (also known as dental plaque) for targeted cleaning and removal

Step 3


Once biofilm is revealed, you'll receive personalised tips for optimal at-home oral care and disease prevention

Step 4


AIRFLOW®  MAX technology uses air, water and erythritol powder spray to gently remove all the biofilm and stains from teeth and tissues

Step 5


If required PERIOFLOW® will be used to carefully disrupt any biofilm from the gum pockets

Step 6


PIEZON® uses pulsating water to gently remove calculus and hardened deposits

Step 7


A final check ensures all biofilm and deposits are fully removed

Step 8


Your ideal recall schedule is set for ongoing oral health and wellness

Why GBT is simply
better than old fashioned dental cleanings

Comfortable and

Comfortable and

No drilling, scraping or

Removes up to 100% of
harmful bacteria

Reduces risk of decay,
infection & disease

Supports whole body

Quick cleanings with
lasting results

Quick cleanings with
lasting results

Leaves you with a fresh
mouth feeling

Quick cleanings with
lasting results

What is Oral Bacteria?

Oral biofilm seems harmless but allows bacteria to multiply and damage your mouth and body. Find out how to control biofilm.

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What powers GBT?

Introducing the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, the Swiss-made mastermind behind your healthy smile! Crafted with 100,000+ hours of research and dentist expertise, this powerful device leads the Guided Biofilm Therapy 8-step protocol. GBT is a painless, fast and safe method that helps you keep your teeth healthy.

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Before & After GBT

Patient: Adult
Sep 2023
Dr. G. Aseev
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Got Questions?

How is GBT different to a normal scale & polish?

A regular dental cleaning focuses on scraping away hard tartar and surface stains. But it often misses the main problem - the slippery biofilm that hides under gums and between teeth. This bacteria causes inflammation, bad breath, and dental disease.
GBT is designed for complete care. First, GBT Airflow gently loosens biofilm from around the gumline using a warm water air spray. Then, GBT Piezon uses mini vibrating tips to safely wash away tartar and stains.Unlike regular cleanings, GBT doesn't require harsh scraping that can damage teeth. Our advanced yet caring techniques thoroughly clean your whole mouth - teeth, gums, and deep crevices - while being gentle on you.
Patients say GBT is much more comfortable than old methods. We use the latest technology and care to get the best results while putting you at ease.
That's the GBT difference.

When can I eat/drink after GBT?

Avoid eating or drinking anything for about an hour after your GBT cleaning. This gives your mouth time to rebuild its natural saliva coating over your teeth.
Saliva proteins usually cover the tooth surface to protect it. When we remove biofilm and plaque during GBT, that saliva layer also comes off. It takes 20-60 minutes for new saliva to fully coat teeth again. During this time, teeth are more vulnerable to stains from foods and drinks.
So take a little time after your cleaning before having that coffee, tea, red wine, or dark berries. This simple step will help preserve your beautiful clean results!
After an hour or so, you can enjoy eating and drinking again. Just be sure to brush and floss thoroughly at the end of the day.

What is the purpose of the purple dye?

The dye helps reveal the nearly invisible film of bacteria, called biofilm, that grows on teeth. Biofilm buildup leads to cavities, gum disease, and other oral health issues. But it's tricky to see with the naked eye.
The disclosing solution contains a harmless vegetable-based dye that sticks to oral biofilm, turning it a bright color. This lets you and your hygienist see exactly where plaque is hiding.
Seeing the colored biofilm helps your hygienist measure how much there is and where it's accumulating. Older, thicker biofilm will appear a different shade. This shows if certain areas are being missed when you brush at home.
After disclosing the plaque, your hygienist can then target the colored spots with the GBT Airflow spray. They'll erase the biofilm until no more is left.So the purple dye simply helps unveil the sneaky oral bacteria so it can be fully removed! It allows more precise, thorough cleaning tailored to your unique oral health needs.

How long will it last?

How long your mouth stays healthy and stain-free depends on how well you care for your teeth at home between visits. If you fully adopt the recommended brushing, flossing, and other oral hygiene techniques, GBT results can last 6-9 months.
Controlling bacteria film through daily home care keeps your mouth clean longer. If oral hygiene habits slip, plaque and stains will come back more quickly. But because GBT deeply cleans enamel, stains take longer to visibly reappear.
Most patients come back for another GBT cleaning every 6-9 months. This renews your oral health, keeping teeth looking their best. Consistently practicing good home care and regular GBT cleanings is the formula for a healthy, beautiful smile!

What is in the airflow powder and is it safe?

Airflow is a combination of a jet of air, warm water, and an erythritol-based powder with chlorhexidine preservative. Erythritol is a naturally derived sugar alcohol that helps to fight bacteria and prevent cavities. Chlorhexidine is an antiseptic and disinfectant that is commonly used in hospitals and clinics since the 1950s.Pleasant tasting Erythritol powder gently lifts the deposits from the teeth during the airflow process, leaving the mouth clean, fresh, and biofilm free.

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