Easy Tips for Healthy Teeth at Home - Brushing, Flossing and More

02 July 2024

Want a healthy smile?

Dr Neha Dixit shares simple ways to take care of your teeth at home in our new video.

What you'll learn:

- Correct use of the interdental brushes and floss

- How to decide on the right toothpaste

- Optimal way to brush your teeth

- Importance of professional teeth cleaning

Here's what you need to know:

1. Clean Between Your Teeth First

  - Use interdental brushes or floss before you brush your teeth

  - This helps remove plaque between teeth

  - Do this at least once a day, best before bed

  - Ask your dentist which size of interdental brush or floss is right for you

2. How to Floss the Right Way

  - Take about 9 inches of floss

  - Wrap it around your pointing fingers

  - Gently move the floss between your teeth

  - Clean both sides of each tooth

3. Brush Your Teeth Well

  - Brush in the morning and before bed

  - Use a soft toothbrush - electric ones work great

  - Get a new toothbrush head every 3-6 months

  - Use toothpaste with fluoride to fight cavities

  - Hold your brush at an angle to your gums

  - Brush gently in small circles

  - Brush for 2 minutes - 30 seconds for each part of your mouth

  - After brushing, spit out the toothpaste but don't rinse

4. More Helpful Tips

  - Only use mouthwash if your dentist says to

  - Visit your dentist for a cleaning twice a year

  - Regular check-ups help catch problems early

Remember, it's not just about brushing often, but brushing well. If you follow these tips every day, your teeth and gums will stay healthier between dentist visits.

Watch the whole video to see Dr Neha Dixit show you how to do these things step by step.

You'll learn even more about keeping your mouth healthy at home!