25 March 2024


AIRFLOW® is a procedure used during dental cleaning to gently remove biofilm (plaque), stains and young calculus from teeth, dental implants, restorations, orthodontic appliances and teeth aligners. It can also be used to safely and comfortably clean the gums, palate and tongue leaving the mouth with a feeling of spa like freshness.  

It uses a combination of compressed air and soft powder encased within a tunnel of warm water, for maximum comfort, to gently lift the debris from teeth and surrounding tissues.

How is AIRFLOW MAX® Technology Different?

The revolutionary Swiss made design, features guided laminar AIRFLOW MAX® technology. This enables the warm water and soft powder particles to travel in a highly organised manner in straight paths, eliminating unwanted turbulence and chaotic patterns. This ensures the fully controlled and highly precise airflow jets, reach the tooth surface in a perfectly accurate and focussed pattern which reduces treatment time and increases effectiveness.

The precise synergy between air, powder and warm water means safety, efficiency and comfort for patients at all times. This is called the MAX trilogy and ensures a dental clean like no other.

What Powder Is Used With AIRFLOW®?

Leading the generation of smart powders, AIRFLOW® PLUS powder is the ONLY combination of Erythritol + Chlorhexidine Digluconate powder on the market. Clinically proven to remove plaque biofilm with the highest efficiency and maximum patient comfort, AIRFLOW® PLUS is the least abrasive powder available for use during dental cleaning and is fast becoming a favourite among dental professionals and patients alike. It is hypoallergenic, BPA free, neutral tasting and contains no added colours or flavourings. It is gluten free, vegan friendly and safe for diabetic patients.  

AIRFLOW® PLUS powder is provided in an aluminium bottles designed to minimise environmental impact by reducing plastic waste, supporting long-term sustainability, and offering an eco-friendly solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Having AIRFLOW® MAX  Over Regular Dental Cleaning And Polishing?

Where do we start? The benefits are endless and in a recent survey 98% of patients said they preferred AIRFLOW® to regular dental cleaning.  

  • Comfort: Ensuring absolutely no damage to the tooth surface, the combination of soft powder and warm water makes for a pleasant dental cleaning experience every time.
  • Longer lasting results: because AIRFLOW MAX® penetrates deep within the enamel prisms, it leaves no residue behind. This means it takes longer for new stain to get to a stage where it can be seen with the naked eye.
  • Speed: around 3 times quicker at removing deposit than traditional dental cleaning methods, so you’ll find you spend less time in the dental chair. This is particularly helpful for patients with mobility issues, dental anxiety and busy schedules.  
  • No restrictions: because of its gentle nature, there are no limitations on how frequently you can have airflow with plus powder performed. Feel free to have AIRFLOW® every day if you so wish, without any detrimental effect on the tooth tissues.  
  • Access: think of airflow like a jet wash for the mouth. It’s gentle yet powerful jets, can reach into even the most difficult to reach areas. Where a traditional dental cleaning will only clean the teeth, AIRFLOW® will also jet wash the surrounding soft tissues leaving the mouth feeling refreshed and without the residue of gritty, left behind polishing  paste.  
  • Versatile: there is no structure found in the mouth that can’t be cleaned with AIRFLOW® and PLUS powder. That includes natural teeth, dental prosthetics, porcelain crowns, bridges & veneers, composite bonds, dental implants, orthodontic braces, dental aligners, tongues, lips and cheeks.  
  • Fresh breath: plaque biofilm when mature, releases an odour similar to that of a sulphur compound (rotten eggs) Having the biofilm washed away and having the surface of the tongue cleaned where much of the bacteria that cause halitosis can be found, will eliminate embarrassing bad breath caused by oral bacteria. There’s no better way to feel confident when networking, socialising, addressing clients in a professional capacity and during intimate relationships.  

Who Can Have AIRFLOW® MAX?

The beauty of AIRFLOW® with plus powder, is that anyone over the age of 2, can have it. This means regardless of age, dental history or condition of the teeth and gums, they can safely enjoy the benefits of AIRFLOW® from soon after the teeth erupt until well into their advancing years.  

Are There Any Disadvantages To Having AIRFLOW® MAX?

The only advice is to avoid eating or drinking anything with strong colours or tannings for 1 hour after treatment.  

Where Can I Find A Dental Practice That offers AIRFLOW® MAX?

AIRFLOW® forms part of a treatment protocol called Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) You can use the online GBT finder to locate dental practices in your area. Wherever you are, whether home or away, you can always get access to good, quality assured treatment.