Meet the technology that powers Guided Biofilm Therapy

Introducing the AIRFLOW® Prophylaxis Master, the Swiss-made mastermind behind your healthy smile! Crafted with 100,000+ hours of research and dentist expertise, this powerful device leads the Guided Biofilm Therapy 8-step protocol. GBT is a painless, fast and safe method that helps you keep your teeth healthy.


GBT's efficiency champion! The AIRFLOW® MAX removes plaque and discolorations where brushing can't reach and leaving your smile sparkling white without scraping or scratching. How? Guided Laminar Airflow® technology, a harmony of air, powder, and water that pampers while it protects


This GBT step insures we remove the stubborn plaque with ultrasonic waves. Developed around the concepts of “No pain” and maximum patient comfort. Plus, its pain-free technology and bright LED light make it minimally invasive and reliable

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